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Tax Audit Help & Representation

Receiving an IRS or state audit letter is not the most pleasant life event, at lease for the most taxpayers. That’s why we are here — to give you an opportunity never have to deal with these guys alone.

We deal with the IRS and state tax authorities, so you don’t have to. You will receive expert tax representation and relief from the hustle of facing the IRS or state authorities.

Our IRS Enrolled Agent will review your IRS audit notice, evaluate its nature, and develop the course of required actions. Enrolled agent is an individual who is authorized by the federal government to represent taxpayers in audits, appeals, and collection matters. Enrolled agents aren't like many run-of-the-mill CPAs - they specialize in taxation and the IRS grants them certain unlimited rights because they have either passed an IRS examination or they have worked for the IRS for at least five years in a role that involves interpreting and enforcing the tax code.

Tax Audit Assistance & Representation

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IRS Tax Audit

We are here to assist you with your IRS audit. Submit all the IRS letters to us, sign the POA, and we'll do the rest.

State Tax Audit

We are here to assist you with your state audit. Give us whatever you have received from the state, sign, and relax.

Other tax issues

We can be an asset for you whenever you are looking for a professional representation before the tax authorities.

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